I'm an artist living and working in East Sussex. 


The timeless beauty of the countryside is something I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy while walking with my family and dogs for the past nine years. 

And it’s my two dogs, Maggie and Dudley that inspired my painting. Looking at them one day, I decided to try combining my love for these two soppy Labradors with my love of fine art.

From that first portrait of Maggie, my business has grown, and I now have a portfolio of some 25 animal portraits, commissioned by owners and hanging proudly in local homes and businesses.

I work from photos using acrylic paints on canvas. Acrylic gives a wonderful texture, which I love, and really helps to convey the personality of the subject.

And it’s not just dogs that I paint: cats, cows and even a seagull have all featured in my work!

Many of my paintings are commissioned as gifts; others are for the proud owner themselves. Anything goes!

If you are interested in a timeless, hand-painted portrait of your furry friend then please get in touch.


They say never work with animals...

Well, I do some of my best work with them!