I've always loved having my hands dirty, rolling up my sleeves and getting stuck in! Even now, I will often use my fingers instead of a brush. It fills me with a deep sense of joy.


There's something really lovely about feeling the materials you're working with.


Painting, for me, is like a visual language, and a chance for me to show the world how I see it and feel it, without fumbling around trying to find all the right  words.

My daily walks are a constant source of inspiration. Observing the flowers, leaves, grass and trees throughout the seasons, and the wonder of it all, are what make my creative juices burst! I see everything as a composition and a painting waiting to happen. 

I love trying to capture all that I see in an abstract, impressionistic way; to create joyful and uplifting paintings.

I try to plan less and  simply trust my inner voice, and let go; open up and learn to let the magic flow...



They say never work with animals...

Well, I do some of my best work with them!